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        Taking control of your health and wellbeing starts at home. If you are looking to improve your healthy lifestyle then we have a wide range of health and wellbeing gadgets that are incredibly easy to use. From high-tech treadmills and compact steppers to leg massagers and total body exercisers, you will find exercise gadgets that make it easy for you to focus on your health and fitness at home.

        Whether you need extra assistance getting around your home or a helping hand getting yourself ready in the morning, browse our full health and wellbeing range made up of products designed to make your life easier.

        How to Improve Your Healthy Lifestyle at Home

        It goes without saying, a healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. Eating well ensures your immune system stays strong and protects you from germs that can make you poorly. And it can be easier to eat well when your kitchen is organised so you can plan your shopping list and meals properly.

        Regular exercise is important as it can boost your endurance and improve your muscle strength. It delivers much needed oxygen and nutrients to your body. Not only that, but regular exercise can make your day-to-day life and all your everyday activities a little easier.

        Your mental health is just as important as your physical health too. Your mental health affects how you feel, think and act and can determine how you deal with stress. Ensuring you make time for your hobbies and have social contact with others can help keep you in a positive mindset.

        If you love completing the crosswords and sudokus in the newspaper then you are already taking time to build and maintain your cognitive skills. Brain training is crucial in maintaining a healthy state of mind and keeping you efficient at performing everyday tasks.

        Health and Fitness at Home

        There are plenty of reasons why you should take care of your health and fitness levels. Staying active has both mental and physical benefits such as improving the strength of your breathing muscles, heart and circulation and helping you recover from injury. You may also find that regular exercise can improve your balance and lower the risk of falling.

        You do not have to go to the gym or spend long hours hiking around the countryside to keep fit, you can easily stay active in the comfort of your own home with our range of health and fitness equipment.

        Whether you would like to stay fit or you have been advised by a professional to carry out certain exercises during the day, you will find our fitness equipment is easy to use and can be set up in any room in your home.

        Choose from low impact equipment such as a leg activator, which mimics the natural muscle activity of walking while you sit comfortably in your chair. You can also undertake total body workout systems like a foot stepper which targets your legs, arms, shoulders, and abs. We also have a range of items that focus on your general health too, including joint supports for your knees, wrists and elbows that apply a pain-relieving warmth where it is needed most and memory foam sleep aids that help you get a good night’s sleep. 

        Products That Make Life Easier

        When you live independently and have reduced mobility it can be incredibly beneficial to fill your home with products that make life easier. And the best gadgets for the elderly are simple to use and easy to put away when not in use. So, whether you need assistance getting around your home or a helping hand at mealtimes, gadgets and technology can make those day-to-day tasks much easier.

        We have a range of aids to help you move around your home including safety steps that make it easier to access high cupboards and shelves and bath seats that give you peace of mind when it comes to bathing or showering independently. Mealtimes are made much easier too with adjustable pivot tables and booster cushions that you can add to your favourite armchair or sofa that add height to your seat, making make it easier for you to sit down and get up.

        Personal Care & Grooming

        At Scotts of Stow, we have all the personal care products you need to ensure you feel pampered and refreshed every day. Find hair care products to ensure you achieve the hairstyle you want, with volumising combs that add lots of volume without hairspray and hair cutting tools that allow you to trim and tidy your hair whenever you need to. And when it comes to hair removal there are leg shavers, hair remover discs and automatic tweezers that make grooming so much easier and quicker with many suitable for use while you are in the shower or bath.

        We also have a range of skincare products that include ultra-lightweight creams that concentrate on your hands and feet to ensure any dryness or rough patches are instantly nourished. You will also find soap bars can be added to every cloakroom and bathroom in your home to keep your hands clean and moisturised throughout the day.

        If you are looking for beauty products, we have an advanced face serum that is made with hyaluronic acid that plumps and rejuvenates dehydrated skin and makeup remover cloths that are incredibly gentle at removing makeup. There is also selection of perfumes with refreshing scents to suit any preference that can be worn every day or just for special occasions.


        Protecting your health and the health of those around you is important, and one of the easiest ways to ensure this is by using PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment. If you have visitors coming in and out of your home, it can be useful to have antibacterial wipes and disinfectant sprays on hand to quickly clean surfaces. And these handy sprays and wipes are small enough to store in your car too, so you can disinfect any surfaces you need to when you leave home.

        We have a wide range of face masks to protect you from airborne contaminants dispersed when talking, breathing and coughing. There are reusable face coverings made with bright, eye-catching patterns as well as face masks tested to European safety standards. Our range of PPE includes oximeters that allow you to check your bloody oxygen saturation at home and nebulisers that help you breathe in medicine as a fine mist through a mask to help relieve respiratory symptoms.