‘From the heart of the Cotswolds... to the heart of your home’

With our roots deep in the Cotswolds, it’s fair to say that our values are somewhat traditional. We believe in giving unbeatable value for money, unwavering standards and uncompromising level of quality. You’ll find those values in abundance in our constantly changing collection of stylish and clever products.

Today, Scotts takes pride in offering ‘Everything for the kitchen, home and garden’ – but it wasn’t like that. Initially with a focus on kitchen and dining, Scotts was launched in 1991 from its home town of Stow-on-the-Wold, taking up only part of the shop that today forms the flagship store. With a small 34-page catalogue, and advertising in the national weekend press, Scotts of Stow quickly began to grow.

Thirty years later, we offer a collection of hundreds of wonderful products and clever ideas. We have items for every room of the home and every area of your life, many of which you didn’t even know you needed! They’re all available from the comfort of your home, ready for you to order by phone, by mail or online.

Elegance and value from kitchen-to-table

Our roots are firmly in the Cotswolds but also in the kitchen – ‘the heart of your home’

In 1991, Scotts of Stow introduced British Racing Green into the Great British Kitchen and our farmhouse influenced gingham and cockerel co-ordinates are as popular today, as they have ever been.


Us Brits all love a cuppa and nowadays you don’t have to rely on the trusty kettle. In the two years since Scotts of Stow introduced the Permatherm – over 19,500 customers rely on them to offer constant hot water throughout the day.


Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. And in the last year we have helped over 10,000 customers get comfortable at night with our range of pillows: from natural fill, to soft lofty down, to firm supportive feather or anti-allergy hollowfibre – we have something for everyone.

Not just the kitchen but all of the home!

Each season we pride ourselves on leading the way in bringing you the latest, most innovative and imaginative new items for everyday living. Today over a half of our range are products for the home. From bedroom and bathroom, through to living room, study, the dining room and hallway – many items you simply didn’t know you ‘need’.

A Nation of Gardeners

The British are known as a nation of Gardeners and in 1998 Scotts of Stow joined forces with The Traditional Garden Supply Company and our love for the outdoors materialised. Whether you have a small patio or an expanse of lawn. If you specialise in flowers or have a veg patch too – Scotts of Stow offers a collection of practical tools, decorative items and a range of outdoor furniture to help enjoy relaxing, once all the hard work is done.