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Mens Clothing & Accessories


Our collection of men’s clothing and accessories is made up of comfortable and practical items suitable for all year round. You will find comfortable clothing made with easy-care fabric that is designed to last year after year. Our men’s accessories includes watches, wallets, belts, hats and gloves, which are well suited as gifts for birthdays, father’s day or Christmas. There is also a wide range of comfortable and practical shoes, sandals, and slippers for life at home and on the road.

Comfortable Clothing for Men

When it comes to buying comfortable clothes for men, you will want pieces made from the highest quality materials that are durable and well-fitted. Our collection of travel clothes for men covers everything from gilets and jackets to socks and underwear, all available in various sizes and casual styles.

You will find a wide range of outdoor wear including fleece jackets, gilets, and waterproof coats. All of which are as comfortable as they are practical and can be layered to keep you warm on those cold morning walks.

Many of our clothing items such as our men’s shorts and t-shirts are made from an easy to wear fabric that stretches and adjusts to fit your body perfectly. These items are ideal for travelling and wearing on the go as the fabric allows your body to move freely without restricting it in any way. The fabric is also easy to care for too, ready to wear again after a washing machine cycle with no need to iron before your next use.

Comfortable Men’s Shoes, Slippers & Sandals

When it comes to buying comfortable men’s shoes, you need a pair you know will never let you down even when you are on your feet all day. At Scotts of Stow, we believe the very best shoes are made with a sturdy outsole that can handle different terrain and cushioned insole that supports your foot shape. That way, you know you have a durable pair of shoes that does not sacrifice comfort. From super soft slippers and breathable sandals to slip-on loafers and wide-fit wellies, you can browse our range of men’s shoes and sandals that provide support with every step.

With our collection of comfortable men’s slippers, you can easily slip them on and off your feet without the need to bend down. Some styles are also made with rubber soles so you can wear them for brief trips outdoors. There are plenty of shoes suitable for travelling too, such as loafers that mould to your foot’s shape and comfortable sandals for men that allow your feet to breathe while retaining their durability to go on long coastal treks.

Men’s Accessories

Our collection of men’s accessories is made up of those practical pieces you cannot be without, especially if you are travelling. You will find men’s underwear including socks and classic boxers, as well as passport holders and wallets that keep your money and important information secure. For those colder months, we have a selection of thermal gloves that keep your hands warm and dry no matter how long you are outside in the cold temperatures. And for those sunnier days, choose a travel hat that keeps you cool and protects you from the sun’s rays.