Whether you are trying to create more space in a small house or you would like to maximise the space you have, there is no such thing as too much home storage. Using home storage boxes keeps your home neat and tidy, with all your belongings easy to retrieve when you need them.

We have a wide range of home storage solutions including shoe organisers that fit neatly under your bed and media cabinets to keep your home nice and tidy.

You will find storage solutions for many rooms in your home including your kitchen, hallway, living room and bedroom. And some pieces are more practical than others. For example, heavy duty plastic boxes are perfect for long term storage out of sight. In contrast, you’ll also find more decorative storage cabinets that make a statement in your bedroom or living room.

How to Create More Storage Space at Home

Here are some top tips to help you create more storage space in your home.

Clear Out Unused Items

If you have a lot of belongings, especially those that have not been organised and stored properly, you might find that it can take a long time to find a particular item. Worse still, it can also cost you money if you end up buying something that you already own but could not find.

So, the first step in creating more storage space in your home is to have a good clear out of all the belongings you do not need anymore. A good rule of thumb is to remove any belongings you have not used in over a year, making way for the items you really need.

Try decluttering one room at a time, and if you have big rooms to declutter you can section them off into zones and tackle one zone at a time. There is no pressure to do it all in one go and you will find as you clear through each section you will think of new ways to organise the space you have.

Maximise The Space Around You

If you have floor to ceiling cupboards you may find that over time, more and more gets stored away until there is no space left at all. And those items that you use less frequently, naturally move towards the back of the cupboard and become difficult to retrieve. You should maximise the space between your knees and shoulders because it is easier for you to each. When items are out of sight they are also out of mind, so keep frequently used items at an easy-to-reach distance.

Belongings like winter duvets, Christmas decorations or seasonal clothes make sense to store in storage spaces that may be a little harder for you to access. However, if you store them in appropriate storage boxes and bags, they will be easier to retrieve. Whereas items like your everyday clothes and shoes should be always easily accessible to you.

Storage Solutions For Your Home

Now let’s take a look at home storage solutions each individual area of your house.

Bedroom Storage

If you want your bedroom to be a space that you can completely unwind in, then you will want to keep all your belongings properly stored away. Your bedroom is often the room that needs the most storage and you will find your shoes and clothes—especially bulky clothes such as winter coats—can take up a lot of your storage space.

If you have a good amount of space under your bed, then shoe storage boxes are a great way to organise your shoes and keep them in perfect condition. And you can use a vertical shoe organiser to maximise the space in your wardrobe. Of course, you are not limited to storing shoes in these organisers, as they can also double up as clothes storage boxes to store items of clothing and accessories too.

Hallway Storage

Have you ever entered a hallway, only to trip over a pair of shoes? If your hallway is the first room you enter as you walk into your home, you will want to keep it clutter-free not only to stop you from tripping over items left on the floor but so it is a welcoming space when you get home.

Hallway shoe storage is the perfect storage solution for your shoes. And the low-level shelf doubles as a shoe storage bench for you to sit on as you put your shoes on and take them off. For your radiators, consider a radiator shelf. This will create an extra surface for you to keep your house keys, post and family photos on display. 

Living Room Storage

Your living room is a space you will both relax and entertain in when you have guests round. Whether you need space to store your favourite collection of books or to store your grandchild’s toys until their next visit, you should have an adequate amount of living room storage to maximise the space around you.

Decorative storage solutions for your living room include this media cabinet to store all your CDs and DVDs, there is also enough shelf height to store books too. Cube storage boxes are also a great modular system for making the most of the space in your living room. With these storage boxes, you can proudly display pictures of your family and use small storage baskets to hide away any items you may not want on display.

Garage Storage

You may find that everything in your garage is piled high from the floor if you do not make use of the wall space available to you. Using a wall mountable storage kit ensures all your DIY tools stay organised and easy to retrieve when you need them, plus it frees up your floor space making it easier to get around your garage.

Storage boxes like this photo storage box set safely holds and protects your valuable photographs, and if you have more than one box you can neatly stack them on top of each other. Using plastic boxes to store your items in your garage ensures they do not get damaged and are easy to open and look through when you want to get your belongings out of storage.

Kitchen Storage

Your kitchen can be the busiest room in your home, and sometimes the most cluttered. If you do not have a lot of cupboard space, there are handy little spaces you can utilise instead. If you have a freestanding washing machine in your kitchen, there may be just enough space for a slide out larder to hold all your kitchen cleaning chemicals which then frees up the cupboard space under your sink.

Another way to increase the storage space in your kitchen it to utilise the whole of the cupboard space available to you. Consider using a hanging storage shelf that creates another surface for you to store small items as it hangs from the bottom shelf in your cupboard. There are also rotating kitchen cupboard organisers that make it easy to reach items at the back of your cupboard without having to move everything around.