4-Way Divided Saucepan
    Microwave Omelette Maker in 1colour
    Microwave Omelette Maker
      Pasta Express
        7 Point Knife Sharpener in 1colour
        7 Point Knife Sharpener
          Monet Stacking Mugs in 1colour
          Monet Stacking Mugs
            20L Microwave in 1colour
            20L Microwave
              Glass Trivet in Sea
              Glass Trivet
              Bergman® Safety Stepladder in 3 Step
              Bergman® Safety Stepladder


                Kitchen & Dining


                Whether you’re cooking for yourself or hosting a dinner party for your friends and family, the right kitchen accessories and tableware can make all the difference in the kitchen. And what’s more, you can get everything you need right here. Choose from a range that contains time-saving kitchen electricals, quirky and unique kitchen gadgets, William Morris table linen and Portmerion tableware.

                Every item of kitchenware and tableware is well made and designed to last so you can rest assured you’re going to get high-quality products. And when it comes to style, there’s something for everyone too. There’s both vintage and retro styled kitchenware and modern kitchen gadgets, so you can kit out your kitchen exactly how you like it.

                Kitchen Accessories

                If you’re looking for kitchen accessories to make your life a little bit easier, browse our unique kitchen gadgets. There’s slicers, choppers, shredders, odour eaters, egg clackers, knife sharpeners and so much more. Each and every quirky kitchen gadget is designed to save you time in the kitchen and take the hassle out of your food preparation.

                There’s more time saving kitchen accessories across our whole range of kitchenware. For example, one of the best ways to save time in the kitchen is to upgrade your microwave cooking.

                You can make every aspect of microwave cooking fuss-free with microwave cooking accessories. From egg poachers and bacon crispers to handy microwave cleaning tools, you can cook up brunch for the whole family without worrying about the mess.

                Cooking on the Hob & in the Oven

                For meals that need a little more care and attention than the microwave, we have all the cookware you could possibly need. There’s no greater satisfaction than watching your family tuck into a big dinner you’ve been preparing all day, so make sure you have all the right kitchenware to help you out.

                For cookware that not only helps you make delicious meals, but also looks great in your kitchen, look no further than Cera Titanware. The copper-infused cookware helps to conduct heat efficiently, ensuring that all your food is evenly cooked, every time. You can also pick up Cera Titanware electricals which can help you create dishes in a matter of minutes.

                And that’s not all, there’s so much more cookware to choose from. Whether you need roasting trays and deep roasting pans for Sunday feasts, or a new set of pots and pans for quick midweek dinners, you’ll find it all here.

                You can also make your time in the kitchen a little bit easier by stocking up on the right utensils. Handy spatulas, tongs, spoons and scoops will help you to serve up in style.

                Kitchen Electricals

                When you want to cook delicious meals with minimum fuss, you need to have all the right kit to help you out. A slow cooker can turn simple ingredients into mouth-watering soups, stews and curries with very limited effort on your behalf. An electric grill can cook your favourite cut of meat with healthier results and much less fat. And then there’s deep fat friers, air friers and bread makers for specialist cooking and baking.

                As well as all the specialist kitchen electricals, you can freshen up your kitchen with new kettles, toasters and microwaves. Choose from retro or modern styles to suit the look of your kitchen. 

                Kitchen Containers and Storage

                Away from cooking food, it’s important to store it correctly too. You can keep food fresher for longer simply by using the correct food storage solution. Whether it’s leftovers from a delicious supper, fresh fruit and vegetables or meat from the butcher, the right storage containers will help you preserve food for longer and avoid food waste.

                Not only do storage containers help to keep your food fresher for longer, but they can also look great in your kitchen. Our range of Willaim Morris canisters will bring a bright, floral feel to your kitchen, while storage tins for potatoes and onions provide a rustic and retro look to your kitchen accessories.

                As well as containers, you can browse beautifully made Winchcombe kitchen trolleys, cabinets and vegetable stores which all offer great storage solutions for your kitchen and pantry.

                Dinnerware and Tableware

                The first taste is always with the eyes. So when you’ve finished cooking up a delicious dinner, you need the right dinnerware and tableware to serve it on. And when it comes to beautiful dinnerware, Portmerion®’s botanic garden tableware is some of the best you will find. Choose from bowls, plates, mugs, placemats and coasters, or treat yourself to a full matching set.

                You can also browse our wider range of crockery and glassware, where you’ll find more beautifully designed floral tableware from William Morris and pristine fine bone china from Royal Worcester®. You can really make an impression on your guests with elegant stemware and decanters on the table. Just make sure that you have enough wine to go round too.

                Table Linen & Textiles

                Finishing touches such as table runners, napkins and table linen help to create a beautifully decorated table that you’ll love sitting down to for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only do they look good, but also have the practical benefit of protecting your dining furniture. You can choose from traditional gingham styles, lace tablecloths, PVC or chenille linen. And you can also buy matching sets of cushions and curtains to create a homely feel in your kitchen.

                As well as table linen, tea towels, oven gloves and aprons are always needed in the kitchen. The last thing you want is a burnt hand or a splodge of tomato sauce all down your outfit. So make sure you’re well covered with high quality options from our selection of kitchen textiles.

                With all the right kitchen accessories and tableware, you can make every occasion a memorable and happy one when it comes to sitting down to a good plate of food.