A restful night’s sleep leaves you ready to take on the day ahead. Our collection of bedding includes plain bedding that can be matched to any décor, as well as bed sheets and duvet covers designed with vibrant patterns to add a new lease of life to your bedroom. You will find bedding sets and bedlinen made up of the comfiest cotton sheets that will make getting into bed your favourite part of the day.

We have a wide range of quilts and pillows available with natural fillings for ultimate comfort or synthetic fillings to help with allergies. Whether you are looking for affordable bedding for your master bedroom or you would like to update your guest bedroom, our collection includes various styles and sizes to suit your needs.

From the practical items including duvets and pillows to the finishing touches such as bedding sets and throws, Scotts of Stow have all the bedding you need.


Of course, no bed is complete without a duvet. Browse our range of bed quilts which cover all the popular tog ratings. Togs measure the degree in which your duvet retains heat, and the higher the tog the warmer it keeps you. You will find 13.5 tog duvets which are perfect for those cold winter nights, as well as 4.5 tog duvets that keep you cool in the summer months. We stock all-season duvets too. These quilts can be buttoned together to provide warmth in the winter and unbuttoned to provide you with separate duvets for the spring, summer and autumn months. They are a great choice if you need a spare quilt for a guest bed but do not have the space to store one.

We have single, double, king, and super-king duvets available with various fillings. Natural duvet fillings, such as feather and down, excel at keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer as the natural fibres allow your skin to breathe. But if you are allergic to feathers there is always synthetic fillings which are less likely to aggravate any allergies.

Taking care of your duvet is important too. Due to their filling and large size, we always recommend getting them professionally laundered to retain the integrity of the product.


Choosing the right pillow is the key to achieving a good night’s sleep. A good pillow will support your head and neck to promote an ideal body alignment during sleep. Consider the position you sleep in. If you sleep on your front, then a softer pillow is recommended so your head is not raised too high. Side sleepers benefit from memory-foam or pillows specially shaped for the side sleeping position. And if you are a back sleeper, then consider a pillow with adequate comfort for your head without pushing it too far forward. 

You will find luxury feather and down pillows which are incredibly soft and easy to mould into a shape you find most comfortable to sleep in. Other materials we stock include hollowfibre which provides a reasonably firm pillow for those back-sleepers that prefer a little more support. To compensate for seasonal changes, we recommend lightweight pillows for the summer to allow your skin to breathe and more luxurious feather pillows during winter.


From bed sheets and duvet sets to pillowcases and valances, our bed linen range is made up everything you need to complete your bed. Treat yourself to 100% cotton bedding that absorbs moisture and allows airflow, helping regulate the temperature of your body as you sleep. The opulent cotton bedding is long-lasting and undeniably some of the comfiest bedding around, making it a great choice for your master bedroom.

Our bedlinen sets include all those bedding staples such as bottom sheets and duvet covers, with every item made from the most comfortable materials that promote a good night’s sleep. Choose from calming colours that can be matched with your existing décor or opt for bright patterns that add a statement to your room.

If your looking for more information to help in your decision on our luxury bed sheets & bed linen please read more about Luxury Bed Sheets & Bed Linen with a High Thread Count here.

Bedding Sets

Whether you are looking for a bedding set that matches your existing bedroom or you’re after a set that completely transforms the room, we have a wide range of luxury bedding to suit all styles and needs.

Browse vibrant and colourful patterned bedding that makes the bed the main feature of the room. As well as white bedding and other neutral colours that echo the calming and relaxing environment you want to fall asleep in. Find single, double and king-size options, with every set made from an easy-care fabric that is effortless to clean and incredibly comfortable to sleep in.

Blankets, Bedspreads & Throws

At Scotts of Stow, we have a wide range of bedspreads that add a decorative element to your bed. They are great way to introduce different colours and textures to your bedding and you can style them by folding them in half or draping them over the whole bed.

Blankets are like bedspreads in that they are used in addition to duvets. We have plenty of luxuriously soft blankets to choose from all in different colours and styles. Our blankets are perfect for adding a warming layer to your bed without any heavy weight, making it easy to get out of bed when you need to. We also have a range of throws that offer the best of both worlds. You get a lovely layer of warmth when you are in bed as well as a great decorative touch when the bed is made.

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets are incredibly popular for a few reasons. During the colder months, it can become quite difficult to find a comfortable temperature while you are sleeping. Using an electric blanket means you do not have to heat the whole house, instead you save energy by heating the bed you are going to sleep in.

We have a range of electric blankets in single, double, king and super-king bed sizes. Every blanket is mains powered which gives you the freedom to plug it in wherever there is a plug socket. Our high-quality blankets are quick to heat up and hold the heat well, keeping you comfortable all night long. And if you were to fall asleep with the blanket on, you can rest assured the automatic shut-off function will turn off the blanket after the selected time.

Mattress Toppers, Protectors and Pillow Protectors

Protecting your pillows and mattress with an extra layer is a great way to extend their lifespan. We have single, double, king and super-king size mattress protectors that absorb or repel liquids and protect its surface from dust, allergens and stains. They can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine just like the rest of your bedding which is ideal for those that suffer with allergies.

You will also find mattress toppers that are perfect for adding an extra layer of comfort to your existing mattress without the need to buy a new mattress. Choose from the highest quality mattress toppers that promote a better night’s sleep.